A Better Way to Add Push Ups to Your Day

Do you have difficulty with push ups?

Maybe you know someone who does?

I used to…

A previous coach told me to drop to my knees and made it even harder to perform from my toes.

Drop your knees? I say no!

Let’s break down the push-up: it’s basically a moving plank. What’s important to being able to do a plank?: core strength, upper AND lower body strength!

When you do push-ups from your knees you lose the ability to train your lower body and core to work WITH your upper body to be able to do a push-up from your toes! You need to learn to use your glutes, quads, and core to keep your body in a nice straight line (plank). When you go to your knees you lose that ability to train your body to do that.

So what do you do if you are having difficulty? Start with an incline push-up! This can be performed initially against a wall, progress to bench and get closer to the floor. Incline push ups can also help you to progressively use more of your body weight and engage the lower body and core as you do so.

Using a TRX strap or any suspension trainer, is another way to learn to engage your core and lower body progress towards floor position. You can also use a resistance band wrapped around your arms to help get to return position once you get to the floor.

All of these are examples of progressions to be able to do a push up on the floor! There are then countless options to advance the push up and make it more difficult once you get there!

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Thank you as always and have a wonderful day!

-Veronica Lane