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The Food Code

Veronica Lane - Pelvic Floor Therapy Podcast, What Does It Look Like and How Does It Help?

Living Limitless

Veronica Lane is the owner of Well Body PT2, where she serves as a dedicated Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer.

Embrace. Live. Thrive

Episode #89 5 Myths & 5 Tips for the Pelvic Floor

KWRH Radio

Sage advice 49 Pelvic Floor Therapy

How Pelvic Floor Impacts Constipation & Incontinence

Liz Roman and Veronica Lane discuss the pelvic floor. Discussing, the main causes of poor bowel movements, along with urinary incontinence.

Postpartum Rehab + Nutrition

Racheal Lewis of A Perfect Fit STL and Veronica Lane of Wellbodypt2 speaking about health.

Well Body PT2 in the News

Physical therapist shares how your breathing could be impacting your pelvic floor health

Show Me Saint Louis

Pelvic Floor Therapy for Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Exploring Life and Business With Veronica Lane

Voyage Saint Louis

Pelvic Floor Therapy Podcast