Do You Urinate Just In Case? Are you JICing?

Do you “JIC” urinate?

“Just in case” urinate that is?

You were probably taught to do it growing up, Mom said, “Go to the bathroom before we leave”. Then you rolled your eyes and did it.

Now it’s a habit: you pee before you leave to go anywhere, “Just in case”…

I too was that mom.. Do you think I let 4 pre-schoolers leave the house without trying to pee first? Never.

JICing repeatedly will teach your bladder it should empty at first signal when only 1/4 to 1/2 full. You go before the bladder is completely full. This is NOT good for your bladder at all!

The bladder is made to stretch like a balloon. Repeatedly emptying before the bladder is full may cause you to lose the stretch factor and then you may never completely empty. Issues such as urinary urgency, frequency and other bladder and pelvic floor problems may follow.

Try to make it 3-4 hours between urinating during the day. Ignoring the early signals is tough, but you can re-train the bladder and I can help you.

No more JICing…

Mind over bladder…

Bladder re-training is one of the most important goals of pelvic floor physical therapy if needed.

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