Private Pay Physical Therapy Versus Insurance

Private pay physical therapy vs. insurance based physical therapy.

What’s the difference?

Private pay physical therapy actually has several advantages and can actually save you money in the long run. Quality of care is a huge fundamental factor. One on one sessions, hour long sessions, one therapist for duration, treatments based upon need and not reimbursement.

Fewer visits equals less out of pocket costs for you the patient. I typically see patients once per week vs insurance based which can be two or three visits a week with a insurance copay each time! Insurance can be extremely helpful don’t get me wrong, just not in this scenario.

Private pay physical therapy delivers much higher quality of care. My sessions are on full hour of one on one treatment. I’ll be the only therapist working with you for the entire duration of your treatments. I won’t have an aide or a tech take over and I won’t schedule you with another therapist. I will use my expertise, knowledge and skill to determine what is the best treatment option for you so that you can achieve your goals. Your physical therapy treatment will not be based upon which treatments insurance will reimburse at the highest rates.

Private pay physical therapy has been shown to have less out of pocket costs for the patient vs. insurance based physical therapy. I see my patients once per week. Insurance based physical therapy sees patients 2-3 times per week with co payments each visit, you can see how this isn’t in your best interest.

My goal has always been to deliver the highest quality of care so that you can live the highest quality of life that you desire.

Ultimately you as the patient have the option to choose private pay or insurance based physical therapy.

Choose wisely!


Veronica Lane

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