Muscle? What Should I Do To Build More Muscle?

I’m often asked what to do to build more muscle. This may seem to be complicated question but let’s break it down and simplify.

1.) Eat more protein! A very simple way to know how much you need is to take 1g per pound of your GOAL weight not your current weight.

2.) Lift heavy weights! A big mistake I see people doing is lifting lighter weight because they’re afraid of getting too bulky. You won’t and you are stronger than you think.

3.) Be consistent. This is the most important rule. We are all impatient and we crave instant gratification because of the influences we have in our lives. Consistency is key, make a plan and stick to it for 6 months and see what happens!

There is a stigma attached to the process of building muscle that people think it will make them too big. The reality of the situation is that more muscle will actually make you look leaner… Yes leaner. So if you start a new program and you eat more protein and lift heavier weights it will in fact make you look leaner. There’s a flip side to this coin as well, the more lean muscle you have the more calories you’ll burn in a day! Yes lifting weights will increase your metabolism. You can see how this would make it difficult for someone to lose weight without exercise. Not only will you burn calories during exercise but you’ll also burn it at rest.

At the end of the day if you want to do research on these simple steps that’s fine. If you don’t I promise what I’m telling you is true. Knowing what to do is not the difficult part, most times it’s actually doing it.

I want to help you! Take the difficulty out of the situation and I can show you the path you need to walk on.

Thank you,

Veronica Lane

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