Turkish Get-Up

The Turkish Get-Up is one of my favorite exercises!! I started doing it years ago without weight and now I am able to do with 25 to 35 pound dumbbell or kettlebell 💪🏻. I love it!!.

There at many benefits to performing the Turkish Get-Up. With its range of motions, weight load, and engagement of the entire body, the Turkish Get-Up generates some amazing and surprising health benefits:
1. Improve mobility
2. Enhance core stability
3. Build strength
4. Prevent injury by strengthening all areas of the body
5. Improve flexibility
6. Activate glutes
7. Stabilize rotator cuff
8. Improve coordination
Here’s how to do it: Start supine (lying on back) bend right knee and hold right arm up in the air. Eyes stay focused on right hand throughout the entire movement series.
1. Roll to your left elbow while driving through your right heel. Get tall.
2. Use your left palm to push up from the floor and sit tall.
3. Move your left leg behind you, in a sweeping motion, underneath your right leg. Your left hand, knee, and foot should then form a straight line.
4. Sit above your left heel and move into a half kneel position. Left knee down, right knee up and knees facing forward.
5. From here, think of getting nice and strong, engaging your core, and pushing your back foot into the floor to bring your feet together to a standing position. You are halfway there!! 🙌🏻.
6. Reverse these steps in order to do a “get-down.”
7. Repeat with the opposite side.
Initially working on each step of the movement individually is beneficial and can help build the strength to do entire Turkish Get-up. I use this quite often not only in my own workouts but with my clients! LMK if you have questions. Always here to help!