The Core

By working with total-body moves, it is argued that the core is being worked constantly throughout the workout, negating the need for isolation work like crunches.

I think it is still important  to do some specific ab isolation exercises. I  have seen plenty of patients that can squat and/or deadlift some impressive weight, they have weakness in their core… this often leads to low back pain, hip pain, pelvic floor issues, etc.

One of the main functions of our core is stability! This is so important in daily activities and with lifting in the gym. Instead of  crunches work on “anti-movement ” exercises like planks with upper or lower body motions, Swiss ball stir the pot, side planks, rollouts, etc.

I like to activate the abs at the beginning of my workout with a few moves and/or do some core specific work at the end of my workout.

What’s your favorite ab exercise? Mine: Dead Bugs!!!