Pelvic Floor Therapy Course: The Complete Bundle

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Pelvic floor course for women to address pain during intercourse and bladder control issues. Includes a consultation with Veronica (virtual or in person). Educational only; not medical advice. Veronica is not liable for practice injuries.

3 reviews for Pelvic Floor Therapy Course: The Complete Bundle

  1. Amanda

    As a woman, I was initially hesitant about taking a pelvic floor therapy course, but I’m glad I did. This course was an eye-opener, providing a solid foundation in understanding pelvic floor health from a female perspective. The modules were concise yet comprehensive, covering essential exercises and techniques that are specifically beneficial for women. The video demonstrations were clear and easy to follow, which made practicing the exercises straightforward. This course has also significantly helped improve my comfort during intercourse.

  2. starlight555544

    This pelvic floor therapy course was straightforward and highly effective. The lessons were clear and focused, with practical exercises that are easy to incorporate into daily life. Expert therapists provided valuable support, making the learning process both informative and personalized. I’ve seen noticeable improvements in my pelvic health since completing the course. Highly recommended for anyone interested in pelvic wellness.

  3. sarahrich1556

    I recently completed the pelvic floor therapy course and found it incredibly beneficial. The course provided a thorough understanding of pelvic anatomy along with practical exercises demonstrated through clear video tutorials. The availability of certified therapists for guidance was a major plus. Since completing the course, I’ve seen a significant improvement in my symptoms and feel much more informed about managing my pelvic health. Highly recommend for anyone interested in improving their pelvic floor health.

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